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Electric Man

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Welcome to the website which is fully dedicated to the popular stickmen fighting game - Electric Man. At our website you can play all versions of this game for free and share your thoughts about it. Electric Man was developed long time ago but it is still very popular all over the world. Even though that the graphics of the game is made using the stickmen characters, you will enjoy it very much.

At the beginning of the game, you have to choose your color and pick a name for your character. As soon as you are done, you enter the tournament of Voltagen where you must fight against evil robots and other enemies. The whole game is divided into acts, at the end of every act you will face the boss. Keep in mind, that in some levels of the Electric Man game you will fight against 2 and even 3 enemies at the same time. This may be really difficult but I am sure you will win.

Most people love playing Electric Man game because of the awesome physics and attack moves. There are several moves in this game, including the slow motion attacks.

Move your characters with arrow buttons, use 'down' key to dodge. Punches, kicks, and grabs are [A], [S] and [D]. Attacks build battery points, use them to make slow motion attacks with [Q], [W], and [E] buttons.  Play all versions of the Electric Man games at ElectricMan.Org.Uk